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Mindfulness and Concentration

The Art & Science of Meditation Mindfulness and Concentration Course 4-Week Series This is an ancient and traditional approach to meditation and an important class for anyone who wants to go deeper in stillness without need for guidance or other support during practice. You’ll learn one of Yogananda’s techniques of meditation and the supporting lifestyle,  …read more

Moving into Stillness

The Art & Science of Meditation Moving into Stillness Course 4-Week Series In this course we explore the Body – Mind – Breath connection while developing a daily home meditation practice. Our focus will be on releasing hidden tension and anxiety which encourage restlessness and make concentration very difficult. You’ll learn to practice a flow  …read more

The Art & Science of Meditation

6-Week Series Learn how to meditate and create a daily home practice. The aim of this course is to help you experience the transforming power of meditation and to give you the support you need to develop a personal home practice that fits you and your needs in particular. We’ll help you create an approach tailored  …read more

Deepening Your Meditation

6-Week Series This course is designed for those who have completed The Art & Science of Meditation and have been practicing meditation on their own for at least a few months, or possibly much longer. Individualized solutions and weekly support to deepen or develop your daily practice at home. You’ll learn new ways to take your  …read more