Getting Started

New to meditation?
Meditation Help on Mondays at 7:00 PM or Sundays at 8:00 AM is a great place to start.

Moving into Stillness course on Tuesday nights offers helpful instruction on the foundations of meditation for brand new meditators. This is a 4-week course and it runs periodically throughout the year. There is always a Free Introduction to the course before it starts.

For more in-depth training see our meditation courses.

Taking your first class?

  • Feel free to arrive a little early so you can register before the meditation starts.
  • It’s best not to eat for a couple of hours before class.
  • Dress comfortably.
  • Please leave your phone in the car, or turn it completely off.
  • Please do not wear strong perfume or any other strong fragrances as it can be distracting for other people.
  • Shoes are allowed in our entry area only. Please remove shoes before entering the meditation sanctuary.
  • Bring your favorite sitting prop if you have one.