Meditation in Your Workplace

Improve Concentration, Productivity, and Cooperation

We come to you…

We offer several corporate programs:

For anyone who wants more efficiency, be happier or more successful in achieving any goal

A standard conference room in any configuration works well

Before lunch, or late afternoon (best on an empty stomach)

What to bring:
We will meditate seated in chairs. No prior experience is required.

First session is free. Contact us for rates.

Contact us to schedule meditation in your workplace.

Or, you can come to us… We also offer workshops for small groups at our center.

About the Instructors:

Turiya and Darshana Moore are the founders of Meditation Unlimited, a service vehicle dedicated to sharing in the corporate world the traditional meditation and wisdom of ancient India as taught in the West by Paramhansa Yogananda.

Turiya has been sharing meditation and yoga philosophy since 2002. He is an entrepreneur and has started several successful businesses in Torrance, including a yoga center called Ahimsa Yoga, which later became the Ananda Meditation Center, and now Yogananda Meditation Center.

Darshana is a retired Chartered Financial Analyst who worked as an emerging-market analyst in the investment management industry for over ten years. She started meditating in 2009 and decided to pursue this interest more deeply. In 2011 she left the financial industry and became a certified meditation and yoga instructor. She is inspired to share what she has learned with the corporate community.