Dharma (Right Action) for Success and Happiness

6-Week Series

Overcome the obstacles to unshakable inner-peace, mental clarity, high productivity, and intuition.

“Dharma (right action)” is that which helps you achieve your own highest goals. Each meeting includes lecture, discussion, and meditation reinforced with weekly homework assignments to apply and test the principles we explore. This is a workshop and support group for spiritually minded people who want to see immediate improvements in any aspect of their lives.

  • Explore and clarify your immediate and long term goals
  • Overcome anxiety, nervousness, and fear
  • Develop contentment, concentration and will power
  • Strongly increase your success and happiness magnetism

This course is based on “Right Action for Achieving Success and Happiness” by Swami Kriyananda, a course he wrote and taught in person while he lived in Los Angeles in February 2011.