Get Meditated (30 minutes)


  • Dynamic support for an efficient mind, a healthy body, and a happy heart
  • Development of resiliency and solution oriented thinking that prepares one for life’s greatest challenges
  • Practical techniques for stress reduction and enhanced productivity that will benefit attendees at work and at home
  • Guidance and silent time suitable for beginners
  • Participants report feeling alert, focused, peaceful & rejuvenated afterward

A quick and easy way to experience meditation and its benefits. We begin with yogic practices and breathing to prepare the body and mind, and then get into meditation right away. During meditation you’ll be guided and there will be times of silence and stillness too. Following meditation you’ll feel energized yet peaceful, highly aware and deeply relaxed.

We’re available to answer questions afterward and to give tips for those who wish to continue meditating on their own. This is not a “meditation class” but more of an experience for those who wish to learn about meditation by actually doing it, instead of through discussion or study.

This is not a cookie cutter experience. The flow of this practice will be determined by the facilitator’s intuition and experience of the group attending. Every practice is unique.

Listen to a sample guided meditation.