The Art & Science of Happiness

Please note, this class is not running at this time but a new version of it called Dharma(right action) for Success and Happiness is running regularly.

The Art & Science of Happiness offers practical support and inspiration for anyone who wants to access inner guidance through meditation and to live a life that is truly guided from within.

Below is a rough outline of what these meetings are all about.

It is the way we respond to situations that creates our own condition and experience.
In every moment and in every situation we make choices that determine our life experience. Even under the worst imaginable circumstances people have entirely different experiences ranging from complete fulfillment to the most painful suffering.

Life is designed to test us so we can learn and become strong.
Our freedom is strengthened or weakened by the way we respond to what comes, and our actions can have a positive or negative effect on others.

We can live from our center and be guided from within.
Deep within each of us is an inner guide that wants us to live free of all limitation and suffering. Our current level of inner peace, health, happiness, and even material success are determined by how well or how poorly we have executed what our own soul has asked us to do. Meditation, introspection and intuitive listening are helpful for anyone who seeks to make decisions that are guided by the soul (“soul” is that part of us which retains its conscious union with the Infinite).

Inner peace is the path.
At first inner peace may seem possible only when “things are just right” like in nature, or some far away place. But with regular meditation, inner peace becomes more accessible. The way there is like a path we must cut through dense thickets created by the individual plants of desires, emotions, and old habits of our past. If we don’t go there often, the thickets return and the path is hard to tread. But if we pass through regularly many plants will learn to stay out of the way. In time the path to “get there” becomes shorter. And finally there will be a time when we carry that inner peace with us wherever we go. At this point clear inner guidance will be accessible all the time.

Self-realization (the permanent experience of our own highest potential) won’t come through affirmation alone. It is a process of recognizing and acting in alignment with the Divine as we directly experience it within. Our lives have the purpose of giving us the exact experiences we need to expand our understanding, to learn to make the right choices in the most difficult times, and to clarify our highest aspirations so we may achieve them.

We’ll be drawing from teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda inspired by the yoga sutras of Patanjali, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Bible.

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