Superconscious Living, Thursdays 7 PM

A practical approach to understanding our challenges and abilities and how to work with them to achieve our own highest potential.
Each meeting includes silent meditation.

It is the way we respond to situations that creates our own condition and experience.
In every moment we make choices that determine our life experience. Even under the worst imaginable circumstances people have entirely different experiences ranging from complete fulfillment to the most painful suffering.

Life’s purpose is to educate and entertain us.
Our awareness and fulfillment expands or contracts by the way we respond or react to anything.

We can live from our center and be guided from within.
Deep within each of us is an inner guide that wants us to live free of all limitation and suffering. Our current level of inner peace, health, happiness, and even material success are determined by how well or how poorly we have executed what our own soul has asked us to do.

Inner peace is the path.
At first inner peace may seem possible only when “things are just right” like in nature, or some far away place. But with regular meditation and superconscious living, lasting inner peace comes more often. In time true peace and fulfillment become the norm instead of the exception.

Self-realization (realizing our oneness with All) won’t come through affirmation alone. It is a process of recognizing and acting in harmony with the Divine as we directly experience it within. Our lives have the purpose of giving us the exact experiences we need to expand our appreciation and ability to love, and to clarify our highest aspirations so we may achieve them.

These are the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda.