Mindfulness and Concentration

The Art & Science of Meditation

4-Week Series
Pre-requisite course: Moving into Stillness

This is an ancient and traditional approach to meditation and an important class for anyone who wants to go deeper in stillness without need for guidance or other support during practice.

You’ll learn one of Yogananda’s techniques of meditation and the supporting lifestyle, attitudes, and approach that he recommended to develop inner peace and to deepen your connection with God, the universe, or your own higher self.

Each class includes lecture, discussion, and meditation.

  • Learn a simple technique for attaining deep inner peace in meditation
  • Explore a heart centered approach to sitting and life
  • Learn to overcome negativity or stress by getting them at the roots where they begin
  • Learn how to use meditation to make better decisions
  • Explore ways to harmonize your physical, mental, and spiritual life with your highest goals
  • Personalized daily practice support